New enemy and Visual Effects - Version 5

Version 5!


  • New "Hammer Bot" enemy has been added into the game
  • Subtle wind visual effects on the trees and tall grass (along with an option to turn this off in case it causes slowdown for anyone - don't think it should, though)
  • More foliage in the normal battle room to make it more interesting
  • More sound effects in a couple battle animations


  • Doubled menu sound effects in battle that would sometimes make them much louder
  • Missing menu sounds in some scenarios
  • NOT A FIX - This version was also trying to address a soft lock issue that occurs in the very last scene when running the game from the desktop app. This will be difficult to keep testing as it will require me to upload multiple updates, then try and run the final scene from the desktop app, then take down the updates that don't fix the issue. This may also be an issue with the desktop app? Really not sure but more than likely there's something I can do to fix it! For now, just run the game from the extracted ZIP folder. If not, it's not a HUGE deal since it only effects the final (closing) scene. Disappointing but fortunately it couldn't have happened in a better place. I'll keep working at it though!


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Oct 10, 2019

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nooo!, i just finished the demo and now you give me this?, how sweetly cruel!

also, i loved the final boss, i loved everything about it... less that freaking dark balls that wouldnt leave me alone, but of course is part of the game!

great great work!, i hope the "ugly" child gets luck on her adventure