New version!

Heyo! Here's a new version called "kickstarter demo" (which is what they'll all be labelled as from now on). Here's what it is!

  • Seems to have fixed the soft locking issue that only happened at the end of the demo if launched from the desktop app. This is hard to test since I can only test it AFTER I upload an update but from my couple runthroughs it seems like it's fixed!
  • Core file change. In my personal main game files I have saved this demo as a separated game so it will be faster to update this version with any necessary hotfixes without bogging down build times with too many unnecessary assets. Old save files will not work with this version, but any versions after this will be compatible with saves from this version!


  • Textbox issue fixed
  • Typo fix
  • "Leaf" magic visual error fix
  • Kickstarter dates fixed


Rose of Starcross Kickstarter 229 MB
Feb 07, 2020

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