A downloadable game for Windows

Rose of Starcross is a turn-based, story-driven RPG created by a solo developer inspired by Zelda, the Mario RPG series, the MOTHER series, modern indies, and even games like Punch-Out!

The Kickstarter ended on March 6th 2020!

You can still check it out here though!


300 years ago, a cataclysmic event nearly destroyed Starcross. This event resulted in the death of almost all of the humans, the rise of the Undead, the creation of the Anims, and the birth of the Demons... but things might not be so awful now. Or they might be! Depends on who you ask! Explore and learn about the state of Starcross and its characters. Maybe you're adventuring to save the Heavenly Queen, the woman who had to seal herself in the door behind the rose after saving Starcross from the cataclysm. Maybe you're just an explorer who wants to see all of the unique settings of Starcross. Maybe you just want to meet some new friends! And maybe you don't know what you want to do.


Explore using different abilities in a simulated 3D environment that allows for platforming and other options for traversal!


Fight enemies with timed attacks and mini-games based on the magic you're using and protect yourself from enemy attacks with multi-direction blocking, jumping, and dodging!

Rose of Starcross

Rose of Starcross is being developed by only myself, which takes a lot of time! You can support me by following my social medias and all that stuff! This demo is of the first area of the game and only a small portion of what's planned for the final release.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roseofstarcross/rose-of-starcross

My twitter: https://twitter.com/peydinburnham

Discord: https://discord.gg/tFd6RVF

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoseofStarcross/


Rose of Starcross Kickstarter Demo 1.0.2.zip 229 MB
Rose of Starcross Kickstarter Demo 1.0.1.zip 229 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the ZIP file below
  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Run 'Rose of Starcross Demo'
  • *IMPORTANT* There was a known issue when launching the game from the itch.io desktop app that would cause the final scene to soft lock. This is hard to test but it seems I have fixed it, I have not been able to recreate it! Launching from the itch.io desktop app should be completely fine, but if you have the choice you might want to just download it from the page on the itch.io site and follow the 3 steps above to download it!

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Hey, I just looked in the demo and I really enjoyed it so far. The looks, the gameplay, the humor and the sound. Everything's fitting so good together. Would love to play it on my switch some day.

Is this project still ongoing? Because as I understand, you mainly focus on Starcade at the moment?

PS: Thank you for your YT tutorials. They've been very helpful.


Nice to see someone else besides me had the idea of incorporating Punch-Out!! mechanics into an RPG, and you make it work great!


Really great game but it lags like crazy when the window size is anything larger than pixel-to-pixel resolution (1x window size). Please fix this!


I also want to play it but my PC is protecting it as if it were some sort of virus

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your game hurts my PC. please  make it not an application


this happens with most exes you will download, just click "more info" followed by "run anyway". the  game doesn't hurt you pc, windows is just dumb


sorry I couldn't respond quicker


can you make it for mac also your rad


I love this demo!! <33

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I follow you on youtube since a few days already and watch your tutorials

: ) that's how i found this game, but sadly i can't play it because it's only for windows and not mac : (


This game lags very much on my pc..

Can someone help me? 

I wanna play this game because it looks so good!


I just finished your first tutorial on youtube and very pleased with it. Allthough you did a tiny timeskip there at the end code and that confused me a bit xD BUT very happy with your tutorials and I have 6 more to go! I did try to join the discord but maybe that doesnt exist anymore? 


This game is cool! Your tutorials on GMS2 inspired me to check this out! I'm actually working on a video on this game.


Oh that's so cool, thanks!

Gostaria de saber se o jogo esta em portugues Brasil


Sadly I am unable to play this (I'm on a mac), but I've watched many playthroughs, and enjoyed each and every run of it. The music is amazing, the pixel art and sprites are awesome, and the story is interesting, I can't wait to see this game finished, and wish you the best in completing it.


Thank you so much!!


I got stuck at the  second level of the waterfall, but I'm enjoying it so far. The pixel art is very pleasant (and I say that as someone who's not too fond of pastel), the animation is nice and smooth and I love the fighting mechanics! Yup, that's looking real good.

Thank you very much!

I really loved it, the graphics and colors and battles are amazing, i cant wait for the full version!


Thank you so much!

Important question: is this related to the classic Infocom text adventure game Starcross? If it is I would be very happy.

Unrelated! I'd actually never heard about it until about a month ago!

It's a cool and atmospheric game, but it's very hard-sciencey, very different in mood from what I see here. (Your game looks great, mind you. Just different. Infocom Starcross is kind of obscure these days anyway.)

I definitely want to try it out, I love really heavy sci-fi stuff.  Also, if that's more your thing, the full Rose of Starcross game might be a little bit more to your tastes than the demo!

I am excited for the full game!  Backed the Kickstarter, so now the hard part is waiting. :P

Keep up the great work! <3


Thank you! I will!


Your game was amazing! I really enjoyed it. It kinda reminded me of undertale. 

I havent finished the game yet and i only have the demo, because i cant afford the real game (I will definetly buy when i have enough money!) 

The story is awesome so far. And im really looking forward to ports to other consoles (If you can do that) 

I cant wait to see how the full game turns out.

Also its very great artwork too, good job on that! 

I heavenly recommend people that like story games, or undertale check out this game!


Thank you!! The full game isn't out yet but it'll be coming out on Switch and PS4 too when it does!

I enjoy playing your game and it's super cool, but I have a problem. I can't use magic in the overworld, I tried pressing W and E on the dark spot and I just can't. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi there! Did you equip the magic in the pause menu?

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Thanks for answering! I feel like a fool asking this, but how do I use the pause menu if I'm using the keyboard controls? I tried using W and E and it didn't appear. (sorry for my bad english)

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No problem! It's the Enter key! There's a schematic when you load up the game, give it a good look over!


It worked! Thank you for answering again, I appreciate your help. I'll look at the schematic more carefully from now on ;)

I enjoyed my time with this game. I had mixed feelings at first but after some thought I am looking forward to the full release!

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Wooooow!! This game is really incredible. 

I haven't played video games in awhile, so I sat and played this game for hours. The colors are so pretty, the artstyle is so beautiful and the story is super cute (but sad :((( ). But I really couldn't get used to the controls, I always kept pressing the wrong buttons. I also tried using my controller for the game (it's some generic control), but it didn't work with the game at all (I tried all the buttons lol). 

I haven't finished the game (I'm on the final boss, I suck at games like these so it's kinda hard even though I'm on easy, haha), but overall I really love it. Such a wonderful game!! 

Edit: just finished the game. I really love this!! I'm looking forward to the full game. This is so good. 

I'm only 35 minutes in and i'm in-love with this game! I think the pumpkin is an easy way to win me over! The first part of my let's play of this game is here! Keep up the good work this loos and feels amazing!


Hey pretty good one reminds me a little bit of undertale but honestly a little better than undertale good job! Unfortunately my youtube video isn't uploaded yet but I have my facebook one uploaded now.


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Really liked the game! Managed to back it 4h before the kickstarter ended, phew!

My experience was pretty smooth in general, however there’s a thing which confused me a lot: the fainting is way too abrupt. The first time it happened, I wasn’t even sure what was going on, and though the game broke! I only realised I had lost the battle when I woke up in the main room. Guess I was not paying much attention to my HP :P

Anyway, I assume you already plan to add a proper fainting animation for the final release.

Keep up the good work!


not surprised the kickstarter made almost double its goal. great game. love the color palette and the depth to the platforming and combat. good luck with the full release!


Thank you so much! This was pretty chill to watch!


Streamed the short demo yesterday because I tried a regular video and realized I just spent the first half hour talking to literally every NPC.

Oh I loved this! Thank you for playing!


Absolutely loved it. I really liked being able to use my xbox controller to play it. Also, the design is really cute. Below is the first part of my playthrough. Also, Playlist of my full Let's Play


Aw thank you so much! I've already watched the first episode and I can't wait to watch the others!


Featuring Rose of Starcross 

Oh well...

Hello! I really liked the game, i haven't finish it yet but i really liked it.

But, i don't know if you can help me (also sorry for my english) i have a problem in one part

I can't actiate a spell and then i'm stuck there because the wood that was the bridge fall, because it was supposed to fall.

I'm playing it on pc but i don't know if there is a connection of the why i can't pass, i don't know if it's because i'm stupid and i forgot how to do it, i really don't know.

Well, that's all.

Thank you for your hard work on the game!

Thank you! And try using your magic on the dark purple spot on the ground!

Okay then, i will try.


I was wondering If you could make this game available for mac users because I would really like to play it

Hi! Sorry but I won't be able to do that, it would take a ton of work to a mac version and I unfortunately don't have the time or resources


I played through the demo and it took me about 3 hours. I generally think of myself as someone who explored all the dialog options and different approaches to puzzles. I genuinely loved the quality and effort put into this. I see a lot of the references in this that you mentioned. I feel like this project has the same potential as something like Undertale.

Очень все классно сделано, жду релиза и надеюсь на русский язык :3

If i want to play this game in my iPhone, is it possible to play in iPhone if yes. So how can i get this game or download in my iPhone.

Sorry! Windows PC only!


The game would be very hard to play with only touch controlls XD


God, I really hope this project happens! It's so unique! I just donated to the kickstarter, so I'm hoping you can meet your goal before March. If I could donate more I would, but I'm really looking forward to this story, and I will definitely spread the word!

Thank you that means the world to me!


Hey! Just following up with a comment apart from featuring your game in my video to say again how fantastic everything is. I haven't been this interested in seeing the rest of an RPG world in years and the updates you've been making are great. I'd love to see combat stay on the more difficult side by default (and speedier animations where possible) since you give players many options to modify it if they need to. Looking forward to future builds. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! And yeah I plan to keep the challenge for sure! In regards to the speedier animations - the (currently unused) "Enemy Attacks" in the difficulty settings will modify or swap out enemy animations for trickier stuff. That and there should be more challenging preset modes as well.

Ah, good to know! Thanks!


I absolutely love this!  The scenery is gorgeous - the shades of pink are PERFECT - the music is great, and the puzzles and combat are very engaging.  Action-Adventure exploration with RPG combat is a really neat combo!  The only minor gripe that I have is that some of the enemies are hard to read quickly enough to block in the right direction, like the undead.

Thank you! And yes I agree! I have that enemy in the demo just to sort of show people some of the different types/styles of enemies that can show up later on, etc. The final version (and perhaps even in an update of this demo soon) there will be a simpler enemy in it's place and the current version of the undead will show up later in the main game or will be the hard mode version of the undead enemy

Perfect!  This is the most beautiful game that I never knew I wanted!  I'm still pretty in love with that last boss theme. 💙


I just fell in love with that demo. It's amazing! <3

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Thank you so much!

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Ive played lots of RPG's, but THIS, this is top-tier. Great work! Can't wait for the final release!

I really appreciate that! Working hard on it!

fun game, love the style and the soundtrack!

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