Fixes + QOL - version 8 (Also Kickstarter date change to 2020)

Version 8! Might be the last one for a bit! First let me say I'm setting the Kickstarter date for Feb. 4 - March 5 in 2020! I'm ready now but we're just bleeding too much into the holiday season at this point, and I don't really need any more odds stacked against me! So this new date is set in STONE!


  • Boss could get doubled if certain conditions were met
  • Skipping a certain cutscene would keep that specific cutscene's music playing when it shouldn't have been


  • Difficulty can be viewed as a number out of 20 now. Easy is rated at 5, normal is rated at 10, hard is rated at 15, and the custom options can be tweaked from 0-20. (Might show up as 0 on already existing files but if you just open and re-save the same difficulty settings you have at a comfort station is should show up properly!)
  • Have to hold the esc key to quit the game, won't just immediately quite the game on you
  • A couple  music tracks were updated with newer mastered versions. Some audio has been re balanced to accommodate this.


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Nov 08, 2019

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