Version 10 BIG update

Version 10 is probably the biggest update! The past couple months I've been mostly working on main game content but I've still made some changes to the demo and some of it is additional content, not just fixes and tweaks! After this it's extremely unlikely anything will be added. Any necessary (and plausible) fixes will be made but this is the final major version for the Kickstarter which is still coming on February 4th of this year!! After that I'll just be focusing on the final release version! Anyways here are the changes!

Major stuff

  • Added a second main shop that includes new items
    • Galaxy Ring - Let's you use the special attack "Celestial Fireworks"
    • Timed Items - Items that take effect over the course of the battle instead of immediatel
  • Skull enemy variation that introduces the "shield point" mechanic
  • Optional post-completion challenges with extra dialogue
  • Various new minor scenes and interactions
  • "Purple Map" replaced by "Travel Pad"

Polish + minor additions

  • New VFX added to several areas/cutscenes
  • All enemies and attacks in the boss battle reflect the color state of the boss
  • Boss's summoning takes 10 if its HP per summon
  • SFX added to overworld cannons
  • SFX added to some magic minigames
  • Additional map visuals and SFX for clarity
  • Additional/altered FX for the magic pads
  • More controller specific icons in menus
  • Minor level design changes
  • Minor enemy encounter, Recovery flower, chest content alterations
  • Minor script alterations (shortened for demo mode)
  • Item price values altered
  • DC Cola item restores 3 MP
  • "Checked" enemies' HP is displayed on their corresponding target in the "Arrow" minigame
  • Additional tutorial signs
  • Fixed several sprites that would clash with shader effects
  • "Cube Bot" delay time after attacking greatly reduced to enhance the flow of battle
  • Arrows' shadows in the overworld are displayed properly
  • Added option to return to the title screen at the end screen instead of having to quit out
  • Skipping cutscenes now requires START/ENTER to be held for a moment instead of double tapped


  • Fixed area where player could fall into the water forever
  • Changing the difficulty at a comfort station will immediately take effect instead of only taking effect when exiting that room
  • The battle theme has been updated with a version better reflecting the soundtrack's arrangement
  • The shadow for the regular sword slash animation now tracks the player properly


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Jan 24, 2020

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