Big Update with Alternate Mode! - Version 4

Big update here aimed to give people the option between a more controlled (Demo-y) experience and a more full experience (Cut directly from the game). This version may cause problems with previous saves.

Demo Mode

After starting a new file, you'll now be asked if you want to play the "Demo Version" or "Full Version." Full Version is essentially the same as the previous versions with some minor changes (listed below). Demo version shortens the intro to sooner get to the core game and makes changes to the first dungeon to more efficiently guide the player through the mechanics. The demo version is "shorter" in that it focuses on minimizing guess-work and wandering around. Demo mode is for those who aren't quite sold on the game, have less time to try it out, or prefer a consistent tutorial.


  • Added ambient sounds to the first area
  • Battle bonuses for not losing HP and efficiently/quickly ending battles
  • Added some tutorial signs

General changes/fixes

  • Level design of the main dungeon too accommodate Demo Mode and make certain paths more interesting
  • Glitch where the play could accidentally immediately skip the one of the tutorials
  • Glitch where using items wouldn't end your turn
  • Fixed issue where under certain circumstances, music volume for certain tracks would drop down to very low gain
  • Map cost greatly reduced, consumable item cost increased
  • "Arrow" magic slight damage reduction
  • "Undead" enemy and "Cube Bot" enemy HP slightly reduced


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Oct 04, 2019

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