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Wooooow!! This game is really incredible. 

I haven't played video games in awhile, so I sat and played this game for hours. The colors are so pretty, the artstyle is so beautiful and the story is super cute (but sad :((( ). But I really couldn't get used to the controls, I always kept pressing the wrong buttons. I also tried using my controller for the game (it's some generic control), but it didn't work with the game at all (I tried all the buttons lol). 

I haven't finished the game (I'm on the final boss, I suck at games like these so it's kinda hard even though I'm on easy, haha), but overall I really love it. Such a wonderful game!! 

Edit: just finished the game. I really love this!! I'm looking forward to the full game. This is so good. 

I'm only 35 minutes in and i'm in-love with this game! I think the pumpkin is an easy way to win me over! The first part of my let's play of this game is here! Keep up the good work this loos and feels amazing!

Hey pretty good one reminds me a little bit of undertale but honestly a little better than undertale good job! Unfortunately my youtube video isn't uploaded yet but I have my facebook one uploaded now.

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Really liked the game! Managed to back it 4h before the kickstarter ended, phew!

My experience was pretty smooth in general, however there’s a thing which confused me a lot: the fainting is way too abrupt. The first time it happened, I wasn’t even sure what was going on, and though the game broke! I only realised I had lost the battle when I woke up in the main room. Guess I was not paying much attention to my HP :P

Anyway, I assume you already plan to add a proper fainting animation for the final release.

Keep up the good work!


not surprised the kickstarter made almost double its goal. great game. love the color palette and the depth to the platforming and combat. good luck with the full release!


Thank you so much! This was pretty chill to watch!


Streamed the short demo yesterday because I tried a regular video and realized I just spent the first half hour talking to literally every NPC.

Oh I loved this! Thank you for playing!


Absolutely loved it. I really liked being able to use my xbox controller to play it. Also, the design is really cute. Below is the first part of my playthrough. Also, Playlist of my full Let's Play


Aw thank you so much! I've already watched the first episode and I can't wait to watch the others!


Featuring Rose of Starcross 

Oh well...

Hello! I really liked the game, i haven't finish it yet but i really liked it.

But, i don't know if you can help me (also sorry for my english) i have a problem in one part

I can't actiate a spell and then i'm stuck there because the wood that was the bridge fall, because it was supposed to fall.

I'm playing it on pc but i don't know if there is a connection of the why i can't pass, i don't know if it's because i'm stupid and i forgot how to do it, i really don't know.

Well, that's all.

Thank you for your hard work on the game!

Thank you! And try using your magic on the dark purple spot on the ground!

Okay then, i will try.


I was wondering If you could make this game available for mac users because I would really like to play it

Hi! Sorry but I won't be able to do that, it would take a ton of work to a mac version and I unfortunately don't have the time or resources


I played through the demo and it took me about 3 hours. I generally think of myself as someone who explored all the dialog options and different approaches to puzzles. I genuinely loved the quality and effort put into this. I see a lot of the references in this that you mentioned. I feel like this project has the same potential as something like Undertale.

Очень все классно сделано, жду релиза и надеюсь на русский язык :3

If i want to play this game in my iPhone, is it possible to play in iPhone if yes. So how can i get this game or download in my iPhone.

Sorry! Windows PC only!


The game would be very hard to play with only touch controlls XD


God, I really hope this project happens! It's so unique! I just donated to the kickstarter, so I'm hoping you can meet your goal before March. If I could donate more I would, but I'm really looking forward to this story, and I will definitely spread the word!

Thank you that means the world to me!


Hey! Just following up with a comment apart from featuring your game in my video to say again how fantastic everything is. I haven't been this interested in seeing the rest of an RPG world in years and the updates you've been making are great. I'd love to see combat stay on the more difficult side by default (and speedier animations where possible) since you give players many options to modify it if they need to. Looking forward to future builds. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! And yeah I plan to keep the challenge for sure! In regards to the speedier animations - the (currently unused) "Enemy Attacks" in the difficulty settings will modify or swap out enemy animations for trickier stuff. That and there should be more challenging preset modes as well.

Ah, good to know! Thanks!


I absolutely love this!  The scenery is gorgeous - the shades of pink are PERFECT - the music is great, and the puzzles and combat are very engaging.  Action-Adventure exploration with RPG combat is a really neat combo!  The only minor gripe that I have is that some of the enemies are hard to read quickly enough to block in the right direction, like the undead.

Thank you! And yes I agree! I have that enemy in the demo just to sort of show people some of the different types/styles of enemies that can show up later on, etc. The final version (and perhaps even in an update of this demo soon) there will be a simpler enemy in it's place and the current version of the undead will show up later in the main game or will be the hard mode version of the undead enemy

Perfect!  This is the most beautiful game that I never knew I wanted!  I'm still pretty in love with that last boss theme. 💙


I just fell in love with that demo. It's amazing! <3

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Thank you so much!

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Ive played lots of RPG's, but THIS, this is top-tier. Great work! Can't wait for the final release!

I really appreciate that! Working hard on it!

fun game, love the style and the soundtrack!


Hey there, I played and made a video on your game, i love it soo much, its soo cute and adorable!! The artstyle is really great, Keep up the great work that you are doing! =] <3 

Thanks!! I really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot for checking it out

Best Regards
Alwin Joshy


This was a really neat experience! It definitely gives me vibes from the Mario and Luigi RPG series which I love. I love the color palette and aesthetic of the world, and all of the characters felt interesting and fun! I had a bit of difficulty grasping combat, but that really just required more practice. Definitely give this a shot if you like the Mario RPGs, or something like Undertale! Fantastic work Peyton Burnham!

will there ben a macbook version of this game?

Hard to say really, as far as the demo goes almost definitely not, unfortunately.


I haven't uploaded in years but your creativity sparked mine so I HAD to make a video on it. I hope you like it as much as I liked the game! (Though i think that's impossible)


This was greeaat!


There is so much to love about what this game has to offer so far. It's got those awesome old school vibes going on, a kooky cast of crazy kooks and a luscious soundtrack!

One of the things that makes it stand out from the crowd is the unique battle system though. RPGs can really start getting samey without a little splash of imagination, and for this game that lies within the fighting! Having to time each strike and then also attack an enemy's weak side is a really neat little touch that makes enemy encounters something you have to practice to get better at! That goes for the manual style of defending too.

Basically, the more you play the better you should get at being able to attack and defend, which could essentially render you invincible (depending on what kind of attacks come your way, of course).

Anywho, I think I've rambled on long enough. If you're a fan of Zelda-esque map wandering and turn-based battle systems with a twist all mixed up in a wonderful retro blender then grab a tall glass of gaming goodness and drink up, my friends!

Keep up the awesome work too Peyton, this really is shaping up to a delightful game! =)

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I spent several hours playing the demo last night and I'm in love with it! The combat is easy to understand but not easy (for me at least) to master, which is a good thing. (Stupid undead, I'm going to learn how to block your attacks one of these days.)

I really like the entire aesthetic and art direction. I didn't encounter any bugs while playing in V5.

Looking forward to the Kickstarter! :)


Here's the second half of my playthrough of the demo! There were so many awesome moments throughout the story that were just amazing, besides the incredible boss fight with it's awesome intro! Again, there were no bugs to be found in this gameplay although it was in version4 of the demo. Anyhow I hope this game is getting the love and support it deserves!

(Sidenote): At one point during another playthrough I noticed that you can go past the grayed out area and continue running into the darkness and get a little lost by chance, which might make the player miss out on what's going on until they notice or the cutscene teleports them back. Again this was in an earlier version so I don't know if it's been addressed or not.

I loved this so much, man! Thank you for playing it!

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I really liked it, I liked the soundtrack, and I love the idea of if you die 4 times the undead comes and battles you. I think it will turn out to be an amazing game. Also, does it autosave, or do you have to rest? It was great!

Thank you!! And yes the game auto-saves as of this demo!

Ok, thank you, too, because I got a little worried if it didn't save! 


This is an absolutely great demo! Enjoyed it all the way through. 

However, at the scene where the main character is sleeping under a blanket in front of the big Rose Door, right after the boss fight, the game crashes (see screenshot). Everytime I get to that scene the game crashes, but not always at the same time. I'm playing on Demo mode and through the desktop app, if that helps.

Other than that, I encountered no bugs and I definitely intend to donate to the kickstarter when it comes out.

Scene where the game crashes.

Thank you for letting me know! I know someone else had a soft lock issue here. Was there a crash report like the one yanalao posted below or did the game just freeze? If there was a report I would really appreciate a screenshot if you wouldn't mind loading it up again! Otherwise that is THE final scene so you didn't miss too much, but regardless I'm sorry you didn't get to finish it! Thanks for the report and kind words, working every day to fix this stuff!

There was no crash report, the game just froze. 


Okay thank you! It seems that this happens when running the game from the desktop app (tried it myself a few times and every time it froze). However just downloading the file and running the application by itself, I can't replicate the crash. So the good news is - if you still haven't seen the ending, you can just download the ZIP above and extract it like normal, load your file, and you should be able to watch it! I'm still working on fixing this problem in an update so hopefully that won't take too long!

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This was really well done! I loved the attack mechanics and the colour aesthetic is beautiful. I don't believe I encountered any bugs while playing the demo either.


Okay, this game was absolutely amazing and I found the whole of it very charming ! The storyline introduced shows a lot of promise from the  well-incorporated cutscenes and I was surprised by how well the colors worked ! When some games have the retro, neon look, most of the time, it can cause a bit of an eyesore, but that's not the case in Starcross so, nice job!

I did come across this code error message after a while into the demo already and I haven't really touched it since, but hopefully it'll all work out in the end! Looking forward to the rest :))

Thank you so much for sending me this! Can you remember where you were or at what point this happened? Was it after running into an enemy or was it after falling in water/off a ledge/hit by fire and then getting an automatic encounter? And thank you for the kind words as well!

Sorry for such a late reply, but I took a break from the game after trying out the boss fight for the first time and had played around 8 hours in total already in that one save file. However, when I tried to open the save file, that was the message I got. I had no trouble before with the opening and saving and I didn't necessarily try out anything in-game that would have messed with any files or gameplay, so it was not an error from mid-game. I left the game at just a random spot too, so it was not in the middle of anything.

Thanks for letting me know that context helps a lot! I'm so sorry you lost your progress but I think I know what might have caused the issue (or at least where to start looking.) Hopefully if you decide you want to go back and play through it should go much much faster!


I've got a lot good things to say about Rose of Starcross and it's overall amazing! The characters are written well, game is gorgeous, combat is fun and the music is fantastic! Also there's quite a bit to do in the demo so I really appreciate that. You're doing an incredible job and I look forward to supporting the game and it's future! 

Part 1 of my demo playthrough!

Just added a Version 4 of the game that has a "Demo" mode that cuts down on the intro a bit, and walks the player better through the tutorial and first dungeon. If you like the openness of the previous versions that is still completely in-tact as "Full Version" mode! This update also adds and fixes some minor stuff so check it out!


This is a great demo. The platforming, the combat, the story and music are all really solid. The final boss was easy when I was prepared, but it was still fun. Cannot wait to play the full game and I will be supporting the kickstarter, because I love these type of games. Good luck


Greatly appreciated!


My second part of this game. What an amazing game and cannot wait to see the full game get released. Amazing characters, amazing music with an annoying final boss. Highly recommend this game to everyone 


Wow. This was fantastic. I felt like an idiot with the chest on the lower right but I finally got it. Really fantastic, though. Definitely going to recommend this to some friends.


Wow, thank you! Yeah, any word of mouth would be extremely appreciated! As for the chest, trust me that's almost always the last one people figure out!


Part 1 of this game. So far it is amazing, love the characters, the music and the comedy. Reminds me of undertale 

Thank you that's so sweet! Hope you keep liking it!


your game looks fine, but I have a question.

When has there ever been an RPG that wasn't " story-driven"?

Ya got me on that one! In all seriousness, it's mostly for the people who look for buzz words like "story-rich" and "story-driven." It's also just reassurance for the people that like a lot of story that there will be a sizable amount of story. That way I don't have to go too far into detail and spoil/bore anyone with story from a game they haven't experienced yet.



This is incredible! What did you use to create the music its so goooood!

Thank you very much! Lots of stuff in tandem but if you mean the workstation I use, I use Studio One 3 mostly! And for sounds I use a combinations of soundfonts, chip sounds, live instruments, snes samples, my own samples, annnd the list goes on!


such a fantastic gorgeous game, congrats on releasing such a great demo of your project!

Thank you, man! I really appreciate you playing through it!

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